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  • 2017
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      Linyi New Sky Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. It is specialized in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of construction machinery products. Its leading products include loaders, graders, road rollers and backhoe loaders. The company attaches importance to product quality, service and customer feelings, and actively creates value for customers. The company's products are mainly sold overseas.    The company adheres to reasonable rise and fall, cautiously treats the expectation of industry scale and development speed, innovates management, streamlines organization and personnel, optimizes process, improves process and design, and strives to reduce costs. It is not easy to expand the investment in fixed assets, reduce and control the inventory of finished products and work in process, reduce and control the sales risk, accelerate the return of payment for goods, and put an end to false sales.     Pay attention to the use of scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, channel maintenance, customer requirements, after-sales service, and constantly improve the market competition vitality. Scientific and technological innovation keeps pace with the times, and carries out management improvement on a regular basis: system improvement, skill improvement, discipline implementation in place, and humanistic care, so as to enhance the ability of individual combat and team cooperation of employees, and improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of enterprises.     Attach great importance to the market, actively take users as the core, carefully guide agents to do a good job in market segmentation and marketing services, and strive to expand the market share of products.    To build a cooperation platform with professional institutions and scientific research institutions to enhance the development potential.  

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